Facebook Ads are an imperative way to stay connected with your audience on the world’s most popular social media network. The rapidly-changing algorithm can make it challenging to remain connected with subscribers organically. But Facebook’s micro-aiming system enables professionals to reach prospective audiences. Advertising on Facebook can address your message to people who are interested in your products and services.

That’s relatively cost-effective, generates conversion rates, and offers a good return on investment. You can only pay to reach several potential clients globally. Its robust understanding of the different kinds of Facebook Ads before implementation if you are interested in getting expected outcomes. In this following guide, we will cover-up everything you need to understand, such as – planning your social media advertisements to introducing advanced campaign strategies.

What’s Facebook Ads Manager?

Advertising On Facebook

Facebook Ads Manager is a great option, where you can create as well as manage your online campaigns. In addition to expert social media campaigns, you can use ads manager to –

•           Launch Advertising On Facebook Campaigns

•           Manage Facebook Ad Bids

•           Create A New Advertisement Set And Facebook Ads

•           Optimize Your Ad Campaigns

•           Target Multiple Audiences

•           Keep Record of Your Campaign’s Performance

•           A/B Text Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

What Are Different Types of Facebook Ads?

There are different types of Facebook Ads options available nowadays, and some of the most important are –

•           Image Ads

•           Carousel Ads

•           Video Ads

•           Video Poll Ads

•           Slideshow Ads

•           Instant Experience Ads

•           Collection Ads

•           Dynamic Ads

•           Lead Ads

•           Messenger Ads

•           Stories Ads

•           Playable Ads

•           Stories Augmented Reality Ads

Professionals can choose any aforementioned advertisement options to generate new walks-in and always stay connected with prospective customers over social media channels. Facebook Ads are relatively cost-effective with excellent success rates when compared with other social media platform’s advertising options today!

How To Advertise Your Business Pages On Facebook?

If you’ve a Business Page on Facebook, you can straight away scroll down to Facebook Ads Manager/ Business Manager to create your Advertising on Facebook. And in case you’ve not made a page yet, you initially need to create one to run campaigns. Here we will outline steps, reading it is extremely useful to run ads.

If you prefer using ads manager, you will get complete information in our write-up. Let’s check out step-by-step guide –

Step 1: Choose Your Objectives

Step 2: Name Your Campaign

Step 3: Launch Your Facebook Ads Account

Step 4: Target Your Audience

Step 5: Choose Your Facebook Ad Placements

Step 6: Select Your Budget And Schedule

Step 7: Create Your Ads

Advertising On Facebook
Advertising On Facebook

What Are Text And Objective Specs for Facebook Ads?

To create successful social media advertisements, you initially need to understand the recommended character counts in mind. Anything beyond the below-listed text limits is considered as invalid. And also, you must understand which kinds of Advertising on Facebook works right with each of the ad campaign purposes already explained.

Video Ads

•           Headline: 25 characters

•           Link Description: 30 characters

•           Body Text: 125 characters

•           Campaign Objectives: All except catalog sales

Image Ads

•           Headline: 25 characters

•           Link Description: 30 characters

•           Body Text: 125 characters

•           Campaign Objectives: All except video views

Facebook Stories Ads

•           Text: No set character count. Aim to leave 250 pixels text-free at the top and bottom of the ads

•           Campaign Objectives: Engagement, catalog sales, messages, store traffic.

Slideshow Ads

•           Headline: 25 characters

•           Link Description: 30 characters

•           Body Text: 125 characters

•           Campaign Objectives: All

Carousel Ads

•           Headline: 25 characters

•           Link Description: 20 characters

•           Body Text: 125 characters

•           Campaign Objectives: All except engagement and video views.

Instant Experience Ads

•           Text: Blocks of text upto 500 words each.

•           Campaign Objectives: All except lead generation, messages, and catalog sales.

Collection Ads

•           Headline: 25 characters

•           Link Description: n/a

•           Body Text: 90 characters

•           Campaign Objectives: Traffic, catalog sales, conversion, store traffic.

Messenger Inbox Ads

•           Headline: n/a

•           Link Description: n/a

•           Body Text: 125 characters

•           Campaign Objectives: App installs, traffic, catalog sales, conversions, messages.

Five Smart Tips for Running Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are incredibly useful if you are interested in attracting new customers with your exclusive products and services, and also you can reach maximum customers worldwide. Let’s check out some practical guidelines for running Advertising on Facebook –

1.         Experiment with the prospective audience

2.         Use Facebook Pixel for top-notch outcomes

3.         Use high-quality photos and informative videos in your ads

4.         Before publishing examine or cross-check everything carefully

5.         Track and optimize your advertisement’s performance

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