Every social media agency or consultant needs some clients to survive. Whether you are providing social media marketing, social media management, or consulting services, your most important step in winning a client is sending out a proposal.

Business proposals will support you to prove yourself to clients, as you are suitable to meet the industry needs and maintain professionalism. And if you are mainly interested in providing social media-oriented services, you will need to create a social media marketing proposal. Obviously, every social media marketer aims at creating a proper social media proposal, which is quite important in all respect.

That’s extremely significant if your clients want to choose as per projects. Landing clients isn’t a simple job, which requires expertise in online marketing. Your optimized website can generate new clients, although you must prove yourself as professional enough in creating a social media marketing proposal. Once you’ve met with a new client, you will still need to convince yourself as excellent in offering exact social media marketing solutions.

A well-written proposal is important in closing a contract. If you are a writer or marketer, your sales unit will possibly need your assistance in writing social media proposals. However, if you are working solo, you must prove why you are an excellent option compared with other social media consultant.

Objectives of Social Media Marketing Proposals

A social media marketing proposal is a manuscript, in which you can map a set of social media marketing services to win clients. In such proposals, you can write your client’s goals and steps you will work accordingly. You can even show steps in which social media marketing can impact your client’s goals and establish your expertise in various genres. Through proper research and planning, you can also explain to your clients why you are suitable for creating social media proposals.

Finally, you need to outline specifics of the work you’ve proposed to complete within a given period and at reasonable rates. Zoot Systems’ social media marketers are expert in creating social media proposals and can efficiently run social media campaigns to satisfy all your objectives. Their marketing professionals can establish a good working relationship with new clients; understand what you will need in exact and what it will cost, and so provide solutions accordingly.

A well-written social media marketing proposal will assist agencies in winning over prospective customers, such as – outline respective goals, the scope of work, payment options, milestones, and rules alongside what makes marketing agencies stand out any earlier results, which is relevant.

social media marketing proposal

Steps To Create A Winning Social Media Proposal

The following are major steps to create social media proposals to win maximum clients in the present competitive market –

Step 1: Determine Your Prospect’s Business And Social Media Objectives

Step 2: Understand Your Prospective Client’s Audience

 Step 3: Discover Your Prospect’s Competition

Step 4: Perform A Social Media Audit

Step 5: Incorporate The Best Social Media Technique

Step 6: Document Your Ideas

Basic Templates of Social Media Marketing Proposal

Here’s everything you should cover-up in your social media proposal to exhibit what you’ve exactly examined (problems or chances) and outline your prospect’s goals. Implementing all of these elements will enhance your chances of gaining new clients.

  • Brief Overview
  • Problems & Opportunities
  • Business Goals
  • Timeline & Scope of Work
  • Milestones
  • Agency Selling Propositions
  • Agency Case Studies & Previous Success Rate
  • Payment Modes
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Final Steps
  • Contact Details

In addition to the steps mentioned above, social media marketing agencies are recommended to consider addressing problems in an audit summary, which includes –

  • Which social media platforms are presently in use?
  • What’s working, right?
  • What’s not required?
  • How often you are creating social media posts?
  • Do they’ve run any ads or social media campaigns?
  • How are organic and paid posts performing at present?

For more information about what questions to ask and where to get answers, visit www.zootsystems.com and request a social media audit whenever required.

What Do Successful Social Media Proposals Should And Should Not Include?

Digital marketing agencies and account managers need to win over new clients with a professional social media marketing proposal.

That’s why your social media proposal SHOULD NOT

  • only repeat what was said in a sales call without mentioning anything new,
  • experience vague, unspecific, or generic,
  • sent it just as a normal proposal and not a social media proposal;

Instead, your social media proposal SHOULD –

  • Add more insights which weren’t able to explain via sales calls,
  • Provide specific metrics, objectives as well as miles, which are impactful and measurable,
  • Attach evidence of your previous work with client results, case studies, and customer reviews,
  • Exhibit your agencies professional approaches and underline regular operations in managing projects,
  • Detail your next steps so new clients can relate your working abilities and agree to work with you only;

These social media proposals are quite useful while making a selection and allow agencies to get started with projects immediately. 

To be specific, a social media marketing proposal can guide you to win over a new client. Just make sure you’ve written a proposal so prospective clients can understand it without any more confusion. Besides, remember to exhibit means your proposed project will produce real value.

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