Software Testing

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Software Testing Help

Testing is an advance process of examining systems or its components with the intentions to relate whether it can satisfy your specified requirements.

Software Testing help at Zoot Systems is to examine a system for identifying any pages, missing requirements, or errors in contrary to the actual needs.

Software testing also supports in underlining the following set of properties of any software, which includes :

  • Functionality
  • Reliability
  • Usability
  • Efficiency
  • Maintainability
  • Portability
Software Testing Help
Software Testing Help

Mobile App Testing

Like software testing help, mobile app testing is required yto optimize your mobile applications when you are on client’s side.

Functional Testing

Functional testing - It’s all about making sure that the software works as designed, and can’t be “broken” by anything a user might do in the normal course of use. 


Performance Testing

Performance Testing  - It’s a type of software testing that ensures software applications to perform properly under their expected workload. 

Usability Testing

Usability testing  - is about making sure that the software is easy to use and will support the users’ needs and goals.

Software Testing Help

Web Applications Testing

This particular investing process ensures wether an application is completely running smooth and securely over any platofrms and search engine to rank your official website.

Interface Testing

Interface Testing – Interface Testing is performed to evaluate whether systems or components pass data and control correctly to one another.

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility testing is a non-functional test which ensures complete and proper working of an app as expected for all desired customers.

Security Testing

It takes care of the fact that your systems are free from any vulnerabilities or threats or any malware / virus that may cause a big loss.

Desktop Applications Testing

Desktop applications are ready to use programs, which can independently work along with other applications only requires and exact operator. For software testing help, sufficient internal resources are requisite, a software application, and a set of function to work right with the application.

Automation Testing

Automation Testing is the process of using tools, scripts, and software to perform test cases by repeating pre-defined actions. Test Automation focuses on replacing manual human activity with systems or devices.

Manual Testing

Manual Testing is the practice of testing an application manually to find defects and bugs. Test cases are executed manually, by humans, without any support from tools or scripts.

Software Testing Help