Terms and Conditions Apply

Zoot Systems Undertake Projects on time and Material Basis.

1. Payment Terms

a. Our team will analyze your project and provide suggestions along with estimate costing. All the charges are exclusive of VAT and any other taxes.

b. Payments are accepted in advanced according to terms and conditions apply, and also work requirements – weekly, monthly, or annually to ensure progress.

2. Resources and Timing

a. Zoot Systems equip resources as per your project requirement along with other necessary support staff, like Project Manager and Team Leader [based on the agreement]

b. Zoot Systems Development Center is located in India, which operates from Monday – Friday, 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM (India’s time zone is GMT + 5:30 / BST +4.30).

c. All the public holidays will be notified in advance and invoices are shifted accordingly based on the number of holidays.

3. Service Quality

a. Our experts will always consider providing premium-grade services to customers with on-schedule request. We generally examines project quality whenever is required to meet expectation of the clients. Terms and conditions apply with all our online marketing services.

4. Operations

a. We are intended to offer excellent solutions to all our customers with right approach, and so we work with agile methodology. Our specialist will provide customers with regular updates about individual project.

b. Team of Zoot Systems can update clients about respective projects via phone or emails, and clients can also check all required information about their projects on Project Management Tools.

c. Zoot Systems guarantees superior quality and cost-effective marketing services.

5. Expectations from clients

a. We are request you to send us clear instruction about your requirements, so we can address on-schedule works at affordable rates.

b. Once we will start working on your project, you are requested to share all the project instruction to our assigned person or associates.

c. Track your regular updates and send reviews manage projects accordingly to terms and conditions apply.

d. In case you’re unable to send us reply, you need to inform it in advance so we can plan required updates accordingly.

6. What we Skip Out

a. Unless you specify, we will straight away not work on your servers.

b. We aren’t outsourcing your work with other professionals, as we’ve already signed a NDA to keep the things between you and us.

c. We will never contact your end clients, until you allow us and terms and conditions apply.

7. Service Acceptance

a. We will always keep our clients up-to-date with the progress and manage tasks effectively so that clients are aware of the progress. We request you to always test the project on our development server and send feedbacks according to it. Any delay from your side regarding the feedbacks on the development may delay the overall timeline of the project.

b. Once we are done with the project within the given timeline considering the case- there was no delay in the project due to feedbacks from the client or inclusion of any additional features, we will move the files to your server.

c. Once the client accepts the project after testing on live server from the Zoot Systems and later if there is any bug in your system then the company will not be responsible for it but as a gesture of goodwill we will surely provide you an immediate solution but with an extra cost.

d. It is highly recommended to keep a backup of the work on your live server although we also keep a working copy with us as well. Still there are times when there are certain issues with the code so in that situation you can upload the back up. It will always be client’s responsibility to keep back up of the code on live server

8. Changes to Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to modify our Privacy Policy from time to time. We recommend you to consult this Privacy Policy on a regular basis. You agree that all the Collected Information (whether or not collected prior to or after the new policy became effective) will be governed by the newest Privacy Policy then in effect.

If you do not agree to the new changes in our Privacy Policy, you should contact in writing and specifically request that we return and/or destroy all copies of all or part of your Collected Information in our possession.

9. Invoices

a. Invoices are raised on hourly, weekly or monthly payment models based on the agreed currency.

b. Invoices are calculated at standard Zoot Systems rates

c. Daily invoices are calculated based on (8) hours a day.

d. Weekly invoices are calculated based on (5) days a week

e. Monthly invoices are calculated based on number of working days in the calendar month.

f. Payments have to be done in advance for the invoices or we will put your project on a temporarily hold.

g. Invoices are issued before we start the work and need to be reconciled in order for the work to commence.

10. Termination of services

a. Zoot Systems have all the rights to terminate your services anytime without liability of you; if:
• You fail to pay the invoice within 5 days once that has been issued.
• You breach any of the terms and conditions stated.

b. The project becomes undeliverable, except its proven. It’s a fault at end of Zoot Systems.

11. Warranty Period

a. We provide 45 days warranty period once the code has been deployed to your server.

b. Within the warranty period you can send us a written note mentioning the error in the code/ system/ program we have written for you.

c. Zoot Systems have all the rights to match the code against their back up on demo or local machine in order to check if it’s the same code written by Zoot Systems.

d. If there is any error found we will rectify it for free.

e. We will not be responsible if:
• Error is not produced by Zoot Systems.
• Error was not notified to Zoot Systems in written within the warranty period.
• Any changes in the code or any involvement of any third party development team after the deployment of code.

f. We do not give any guarantee on any commercial profitability or success of the code/ system/ program written by us.

12. Things you should not do

a. We request you to not perform any of the following activities during our working relationship or within 1 year of the end of agreement.

  • Try and engage for work with our clients Directly/In Directly.
  • Hire our developers to work with you Directly/In Directly.

13. In case of dispute

The contract between Zoot Systems and the Customer shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India. Any dispute arising shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of India.